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Sharing something. This is an experiment in which I am linking some Flipboard magazines that I curate. I hope you enjoy reviewing them as much as I enjoyed assembling them. These are updated daily so visit often.

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The Difference A Year Makes

What a difference a year makes – even in the Covid-19 pandemic.

We haven’t grown complacent. And we are definitely weary of masks and distancing and scrambling for immunizations but we carry on.

Currently, across the United States, we are seeing around 100,000 new cases of Covid-19 each day. Last year when the cases approached 100,000 per day we had daily briefings from the Whitehouse, governors, local governments and non-stop news station talking heads. This year it is eerily quiet as we load up our hospitals.

Seems like the biggest news stories are the never ending fights over masking, or not; getting vaccinated, or not; returning to the office, or not. The saddest stories are those of the individuals who are now dying while wishing they had been vaccinated. Our politicians are no help at all as they still focus on screwing over the other side more than stepping up to correct this situation. When reviewing what difference a year makes we may never see any improvement from out politicians. Time for some new ones.

We can do better. We must do better. After all, we are Americans.

The Heat Is On!

The heat is on – and man is it on.

Record high temperatures are being recorded everywhere – and not just by a smidgen but 5 to 7 degrees Farenheit. And there is enough humidity to make sweltering a good state to return to. The figure below shows the heat index postings across the nation as of 3 PM PDT in Seattle.

If the cicadas were still around in large numbers the roar would no doubt be deafening. In their absence, we’ll play a little Glenn Frye.

Glenn Frye – The Heat Is On

Enjoy the day. Stay cool.

Play it loud. Play it proud.

Bessemer has nothing on us.

The devil made me do it.

Only Six Months Until Christmas

Only six months. Nur noch sechs Monate bis Weihnachten. Dann keine ungezogene Liste mehr. Gott sei Dank dafür.

Six more months of being good (mostly). And guys, that means three more shopping days before all those presents must be under the tree. For now, we enjoy barbecues in the back yard and wish for cooler weather.

On the topic of cooler weather, it was 118 F in Siberia last week and that is above the Arctic Circle. Stranger and stranger this thing called weather.

The current forecast calls for temperatures of 115 F in Portland, Oregon and something above 100 F in Seattle.

Sei brav. And no humbuggery. I know, I know – the world is going to hell or at least it feels like that.

Six more months.

Cruising Cicada Launches Into Slipstream at 65 MPH

While driving on the interstate yesterday I noticed a cicada on my rear view mirror. Don’t know how it got there but was super impressed that it was hanging on at 65 MPH.

My guess is that the cicada must have been inside the mirror. That it could climb out and hang on for as long as it did was amazing. BUT, there is always a but in there somewhere, but when the wind caught it, it launched going from 65 MPH to zero in short order.

Anyway, it was a unique experience. This year we have had many unique experiences with Brood X.

You Will Love This Taste Bud Tingling Lasagna Meatloaf

I made a lasagna meatloaf. It was fun to build and a real treat to eat. I posted a set of process photos on Instagram and am trying a link here as a way to share that. If you want to make a lasagna meatloaf, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Mark:: Process photos and videos | Instagram

The full recipe may be found here on

Recipe:: Bacon Lasagna |

Come hardy. Come hungry.

It’s Cicada Time

Ain’t we got fun. Critters everywhere – and lots more on the way if the talking heads on the television are correct. Those smart folks said that the cicadas would come out in waves when the temperatures climbed into the 90s. Well, the afternoon temperatures are in the 90s and you can see more bugs every time you look.

There is also lots of discussion about eating cicadas – some even call them the shrimp of the sky. I’m not sure I’ll jump into that, but must note that there are plenty of how-to guides and recipes on the web. My preference is for burgers on the grill or ribs in the smoker. Maybe, just maybe, I’d try some freshly prepared cicadas slathered in Bitchin Sauce – everything is better with Bitchin Sauce on it.

Today is Income Tax Day

I hope everyone reading this has their taxes filed and is just kicking back enjoying the fine spring weather and that refund check. It is a great day for firing up the grill or just sitting outside and taking in the pre-cicada quiet.

Spring has really sprung this year. The flowers are bigger, more colorful and much more numerous than in past years. The maple trees dropped a bumper crop of helicopters. Maybe nature is trying to encourage us to get back out there and make it happen.

I am ready and it looks like most other folks are too.

Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere.

Mothers are special people. They are wise and they freely share their wisdom. They are kind and they share their kindness – especially in tough times. They are patient – mostly. They are gracious and deserve far more displays of appreciation than we generally give. Life would be hard without them – in fact, it would be impossible.