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Welcome to the School of Hard Rocks

If you are interesting in polising rocks, you have come to the right place.  In the School Of Hard Rocks we constantly seek to find better tools, techniques, processes or materials to polish some of natures greatest gifts.  Learn how to choose a machine or where to buy your supplies.  See videos of how we polish rocks, so you can devlope your own technique.  And finally, just have fun, because that is what life is really all about.

You can shop online for some of our unique and exquisitely polished rocks.  Visit often as the items in the store are constantly changing.  There are no two alike so browsing is very exciting.

Please stop by our gallery to see some of the exquisite beauty discovered in these rocks.  Some are tumble polished and some are natural.  Enjoy.

Learn about how we use cushioning materials in rock polishing.  This is a very interesting and sometime not too subtle consideration in getting really smooth and polished rocks.
Or try a little rock tumbling math - both theoretical and applied - starting with an explaination of why you lose half the volume of rocks when you tumble polish them. 

If you are shopping for a rock tumbler, watch these videos to see and hear a variety of machines in action.  You can see and hear both rotary and vibrating tumblers.

If you are looking for excitement, visit the 
Hard Rock Quarry where we do research and development as we refine our current processes and explore new ones.

If you are new to the School Of Hard Rocks just poke around.  You will find something that excites you.  And if you have questions, just send us a note.  We answer all of them.


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